Wheel Tracking Alignment

At O Rourkes Garage, Carrick on Shannon we never under estimate the importance of regular 4 wheel alignment on our vehicles.
Over the life of a vehicle you can save hundreds of pounds by reducing tyre wear on vehicles with poorly aligned wheels. When the wheels are out of alignment, which occurs through wear and tear of the track rod ends, the tyre will wear unevenly, often developing dangerous tyre conditions hidden from view on the inside of the tyre.
With the latest in modern laser technology, we can perform 4 wheel alignment on your vehicle in less than an hour. And the best bit is, it not only saves you money but adds to your driving experience, giving you reduced steering drag and keeps you motoring safely.
We can carry out both two & four wheel tracking while you wait in our garage on the Leitrim Road, Carrick on Shannon right by the town centre.
Tracking and Wheel Alignment in Carrick on Shannon Garage